Easy & User-Friendly Bookkeeping for Every Kenyan SME

SMEs are the backbone of Kenya’s economy …

Kenya, like many other countries in Africa, and indeed around the world, understands the contribution of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to its economic development.

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Kenya’s Vision 2030, the long-term development blueprint that seeks to transform Kenya into a high middle-income country, underscores the key role of SMEs in attaining its goals, recognizing that SMEs contribute over 80% of the country’s employment and over 40% of the country’s GDP according to the Kenya National Bureau statistics.

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… But access to finance needs financial management skills.

The Kenyan government has established multiple funds such as Women’s Fund, UWEZO Fund and Youth Fund, among other financing platforms to support SMEs.

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However, low levels of financial literacy have either hindered access to these funding platforms or have significantly impacted loan repayments as shown by multiple studies. 

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Every business owner must consistently track their finances.

It is critical that every business owner is consistently able to record and track his or her business expenses and sales or revenue; real time cash position and understand and track his/her business’ financial position. For SMEs, where transactions occur on a day-to-day basis, it would be difficult if not impossible to keep track of the transactions manually.

BOOKKEEPA™ — The Innovative Bookkeeping Solution for Businesses

BOOKKEEPA™ is a new and innovative financial solutions platform designed with a deep understanding of the SME landscape in Kenya and Africa. BOOKKEEPA™ provides a highly personalized experience for business owners, based on business industry or type of business (retail, transport, hairdressing/barbershop, consulting, etc.). This way business owners can record expenses and income with ease as needed, either per transaction, daily, weekly or whatever works for them.  

The overall objective of BOOKKEEPA™ is to deploy an easy and user-friendly bookkeeping solution, at the fingertips of every SME in Kenya. The app will use the traditional double entry bookkeeping system of accounting.  

Grow your biashara with BOOKKEEPA™

BOOKKEEPA™ adapts to your needs every step of the way.

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